Effective & Proven English
Learning System

Teachers can access rich resources with lessons that:

  • give students confidence to actively practise reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • inspire enthusiasm and increase motivation in students during the learning process

Video Lessons

Guided by native speaking English teachers, instructional tutorials are presented at the beginning of each topic. As a general overview of the topics and themes, these videos aim to build up students’ confidence in speaking.


An intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows students to easily access, navigate and follow lessons. Examples and colourful illustrations are used to make the lessons practical and engaging.


Lessons systematically introduce students to grammatical rules, sentence structure and the correct use of the language.


Voiceovers by native English speakers help students refine their pronounciation and expand their vocabulary.

Speaking & Listening

Lessons build students’ confidence in their speaking and listening comprehension. Lessons relate language to daily routines and interactions with people.

Activities & Tests

A selection of tests and quizzes are available to assess the student’s overall knowledge and demonstrate their understanding of the content.